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Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

  1.  Basic Skills
  2.  Starting a Desktop Session
  3.  Getting Help
  4.  Using the Front Panel
Front Panel Elements
Main Panel
The Workspace Switch
Basic Front Panel Skills
To Activate a Front Panel Control
To Open a Subpanel
To Close a Subpanel
Front Panel Pop-Up Menus
Front Panel Drop Zones
Front Panel Help
To Move the Front Panel or a Subpanel
To Minimize the Front Panel
Tour of the Front Panel
Main Panel
Links Subpanel
Cards Subpanel
Files Subpanel
Applications Subpanel
Mail Subpanel
Personal Printers Subpanel
Tools Subpanel
Hosts Subpanel
Help Subpanel
Trash Subpanel
Front Panel Applications
Changing the Default Web Browser
To Display a Different Clock
Working With Bookmarks
Using Find Web Page
Using Encryption
Using Compression
Using Archiving
Using Suggestion Box
Using Workstation Information
Customizing the Front Panel
To Put a Subpanel Control in the Main Panel
To Add an Application or Other Icon to a Subpanel
Adding and Removing Subpanels
To Replace a Control in the Main Panel
To Remove All User Customizations
Customizing Workspaces
To Rename a Workspace
To Add Workspaces
To Remove Workspaces
To Customize the Controls in the Workspace Switch
Front Panels and Multiple Screens
  5.  Managing Files with File Manager
  6.  Using Removable Media Manager
  7.  Using Window Manager Enhancements
  8.  Using Application Manager
  9.  Customizing the Desktop Environment
  10.  Using Mailer
  11.  Printing
  12.  Using Text Editor
  13.  Using Calendar
  14.  Using Terminal
  15.  Using Icon Editor
  16.  Using Image Viewer
  17.  Using Video and Audio
  18.  Using Address Manager
  19.  Using Process Manager
  20.  Using Performance Meter
  21.  Using Hotkey Editor
  22.  Using Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Synchronization
  23.  Power Management
  A.  Keyboard Shortcuts for the Desktop
  B.  Running Localized Sessions
  C.  Compose Key Sequences
  D.  Locale Notes
  E.  Access for Users With Disabilities