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Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

  1.  Basic Skills
  2.  Starting a Desktop Session
  3.  Getting Help
  4.  Using the Front Panel
  5.  Managing Files with File Manager
  6.  Using Removable Media Manager
  7.  Using Window Manager Enhancements
  8.  Using Application Manager
  9.  Customizing the Desktop Environment
  10.  Using Mailer
  11.  Printing
Your Default Printer
To Determine the Default Printer
To Change the Default Printer
Printing Files
Submitting a File to a Printer
To Print Using the Front Panel
To Print Using File Manager
To Print Using Print Manager
Setting Print Options Using the Print Dialog Box
Printer Applications
Print Manager
Printer Jobs Application
Displaying Print Job Information
To Open a Printer Icon
To Close a Printer Icon
To Find a Print Job
To Cancel a Print Job
Print Job Properties
Printers and the Front Panel
To Change the Front Panel Printer
To Add a Printer to the Personal Printers Subpanel
Changing the Print Manager Display
To Change How Printers and Print Jobs Are Displayed
To Change the Update Frequency
To Determine Which Jobs Are Displayed
To Display the Print Manager Message Line
To Display the Print Manager Problem Flag
To Determine Which Printers Are Shown
Printer Properties
To Show a Printer's Properties
To Change a Printer's Icon
To Change a Printer's Icon Label
  12.  Using Text Editor
  13.  Using Calendar
  14.  Using Terminal
  15.  Using Icon Editor
  16.  Using Image Viewer
  17.  Using Video and Audio
  18.  Using Address Manager
  19.  Using Process Manager
  20.  Using Performance Meter
  21.  Using Hotkey Editor
  22.  Using Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Synchronization
  23.  Power Management
  A.  Keyboard Shortcuts for the Desktop
  B.  Running Localized Sessions
  C.  Compose Key Sequences
  D.  Locale Notes
  E.  Access for Users With Disabilities