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Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

  1.  Basic Skills
  2.  Starting a Desktop Session
  3.  Getting Help
  4.  Using the Front Panel
  5.  Managing Files with File Manager
  6.  Using Removable Media Manager
  7.  Using Window Manager Enhancements
  8.  Using Application Manager
  9.  Customizing the Desktop Environment
  10.  Using Mailer
  11.  Printing
  12.  Using Text Editor
Opening and Closing Text Editor
To Open Text Editor
To Close Text Editor
Text Editor Window
To Display the Status Line
Opening and Saving Documents
To Create a New Document
To Save a Document to a New File
To Save a Document to the Original File
Opening an Existing Document
Working with Backup Versions
Entering Text
To Enter New Text
Using Wrap To Fit
Entering Special Characters
Moving the Cursor in a Document
To Go to a Specific Line
To Scroll a Document
Selecting Text
To Select Text with the Mouse
Secondary Selection
To Select Text with the Keyboard
Editing Text
Editing Keys
Menu Shortcut Keys
UNIX Key Bindings
To Set Overstrike Mode
To Type Over Text
To Delete Text
To Clear Text
To Undo an Edit
To Copy Text
To Move Text (Cut and Paste)
To Include a File
Correcting Misspelled Words
To Correct Misspelled Words
Customizing Spelling Checker Dictionaries
Using Drag and Drop
To Move Text Using Drag and Drop
To Copy Text Using Drag and Drop
To Include a File Using Drag and Drop
Searching a Document
To Find Text
To Find and Change Text
To Find and Delete Text
Formatting and Printing Documents
To Format a Document
To Print an Open Document
To Print a Closed Document
Recovering a File
To Recover a File
Text Editor and Other Applications
Using Text Note
To Type a Text Note
To Put a Note on the Workspace
To Remove a Note from the Workspace
File Naming
  13.  Using Calendar
  14.  Using Terminal
  15.  Using Icon Editor
  16.  Using Image Viewer
  17.  Using Video and Audio
  18.  Using Address Manager
  19.  Using Process Manager
  20.  Using Performance Meter
  21.  Using Hotkey Editor
  22.  Using Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Synchronization
  23.  Power Management
  A.  Keyboard Shortcuts for the Desktop
  B.  Running Localized Sessions
  C.  Compose Key Sequences
  D.  Locale Notes
  E.  Access for Users With Disabilities