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SunOS man pages Index
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u370.1See machid.1
u3b15.1See machid.1
u3b.1See machid.1
u3b2.1See machid.1
u3b5.1See machid.1
uaddr2taddr.3nslSee netdir.3nsl
uadmin.1madministrative control
uadmin.2administrative control
ualarm.3cschedule signal after interval in microseconds
uata.7dIDE Host Bus Adapter Driver
ucblinks.1badds /dev entries to give SunOS 4.x compatible names to SunOS 5.x devices
ucontext.3headuser context
udfs.7fsuniversal disk format file system
udp.7pInternet User Datagram Protocol
UDP.7pSee udp.7p
ufsdump.1mincremental file system dump
ufsdump.4incremental dump format
ufsrestore.1mincremental file system restore
uhci.7dhost controller driver
uid_aliases.4See asetmasters.4
uio.9sscatter/gather I/O request structure
uiomove.9fcopy kernel data using uio structure
ul.1do underlining
ulckpwdf.3cSee lckpwdf.3c
ulimit.1See limit.1
ulimit.2get and set process limits
ulltostr.3cSee strtol.3c
umask.1get or set the file mode creation mask
umask.2set and get file creation mask
umount.1mSee mount.1m
umount2.2See umount.2
umount.2unmount a file system
umountall.1mSee mountall.1m
un.3headdefinitions for UNIX-domain sockets
unalias.1See alias.1
uname.1print name of current system
uname.2get name of current operating system
unbufcall.9fcancel a pending bufcall request
uncompress.1See compress.1
unctrl.3cursesSee curs_util.3curses
unctrl.3xcursesgenerate printable representation of a character
unexpand.1See expand.1
unfreezestr.9fSee freezestr.9f
unget.1See sccs-unget.1
ungetc.3cpush byte back into input stream
ungetch.3cursesSee curs_getch.3curses
ungetch.3xcursespush character back onto the input queue
ungetwc.3cpush wide-character code back into input stream
ungetwch.3cursesSee curs_getwch.3curses
unget_wch.3xcursesSee ungetch.3xcurses
unhash.1See hash.1
unifdef.1resolve and remove ifdef'ed lines from C program source
uniq.1report or filter out repeated lines in a file
unistd.3headstandard symbolic constants and types
units.1converts quantities expressed in standard scales to other scales
unix2dos.1convert text file from ISO format to DOS format
unlimit.1See limit.1
unlink.1mSee link.1m
unlink.2remove directory entry
unlinkat.2See unlink.2
unlinkb.9fremove a message block from the head of a message
unlockpt.3cunlock a pseudo-terminal master/slave pair
unordered.3cSee isnan.3c
unpack.1See pack.1
unpost_form.3cursesSee form_post.3curses
unpost_menu.3cursesSee menu_post.3curses
unset.1fSee set.1f
unset.1See set.1
unsetenv.1See set.1
unshare.1mmake local resource unavailable for mounting by remote systems
unshareall.1mSee shareall.1m
unshare_nfs.1mmake local NFS file systems unavailable for mounting by remote systems
until.1See shell_builtins.1
untimeout.9fcancel previous timeout function call
untouchwin.3cursesSee curs_touch.3curses
untouchwin.3xcursesSee is_linetouched.3xcurses
update_drv.1mmodify device driver attributes
update_panels.3cursesSee panel_update.3curses
updaters.4configuration file for NIS updating
updwtmp.3cSee getutxent.3c
updwtmpx.3cSee getutxent.3c
uptime.1show how long the system has been up
urandom.7dSee random.7d
ureadc.9fadd character to a uio structure
usba.7dSolaris USB Architecture (USBA)
usb_ac.7dUSB audio control driver
usb_ah.7mUSB audio HID STREAMS module
usb_as.7dUSB audio streaming driver
usbkbm.7mkeyboard STREAMS module for Sun USB Keyboard
usb_mid.7dUSB Multi Interface Driver
usbms.7mUSB mouse STREAMS module
usbprn.7dUSB printer class driver
uscsi.7iuser SCSI command interface
use_env.3cursesSee curs_util.3curses
use_env.3xcursesspecify source of screen size information
user2netname.3nslSee secure_rpc.3nsl
useradd.1madminister a new user login on the system
user_attr.4extended user attributes database
userdel.1mdelete a user's login from the system
usermod.1mmodify a user's login information on the system
users.1bdisplay a compact list of users logged in
usleep.3csuspend execution for interval in microseconds
usoc.7duniversal serial optical controller for Fibre Channel arbitrated loop (SOC+) device driver
ustat.2get file system statistics
utime.2set file access and modification times
utimes.2set file access and modification times
utmp2wtmp.1mSee acct.1m
utmp.4utmp and wtmp database entry formats
utmpd.1mutmpx monitoring daemon
utmpname.3cSee getutent.3c
utmpx.4utmpx and wtmpx database entry formats
utmpxname.3cSee getutxent.3c
uucheck.1mcheck the uucp directories and permissions file
uucico.1mfile transport program for the uucp system
uucleanup.1muucp spool directory clean-up
uucp.1cUNIX-to-UNIX system copy
uucpd.1mSee in.uucpd.1m
uudecode.1cSee uuencode.1c
uuencode.1cencode a binary file, or decode its encoded representation
uuglist.1cprint the list of service grades that are available on this UNIX system
uulog.1cSee uucp.1c
uuname.1cSee uucp.1c
uupick.1cSee uuto.1c
uusched.1muucp file transport program scheduler
uustat.1cuucp status inquiry and job control
uuto.1cpublic UNIX-to-UNIX system file copy
Uutry.1mattempt to contact remote system with debugging on
uutry.1mSee Uutry.1m
uux.1cUNIX-to-UNIX system command execution
uuxqt.1mexecute remote command requests
uwritec.9fremove a character from a uio structure
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