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t300.1bSee plot.1b
t300.1See tplot.1
t300s.1bSee plot.1b
t300s.1See tplot.1
t4013.1bSee plot.1b
t4014.1See tplot.1
t450.1bSee plot.1b
t450.1See tplot.1
tabs.1set tabs on a terminal
t_accept.3nslaccept a connection request
taddr2uaddr.3nslSee netdir.3nsl
tail.1deliver the last part of a file
talk.1talk to another user
talkd.1mSee in.talkd.1m
t_alloc.3nslallocate a library structure
tan.3mtangent function
tanh.3mhyperbolic tangent function
tapes.1mcreates /dev entries for tape drives attached to the system
tar.1create tape archives and add or extract files
taskstat.1mprints ASET tasks status
t_bind.3nslbind an address to a transport endpoint
tbl.1format tables for nroff or troff
tcdrain.3cwait for transmission of output
tcflow.3csuspend or restart the transmission or reception of data
tcflush.3cflush non-transmitted output data, non-read input data or both
tcgetattr.3cget the parameters associated with the terminal
tcgetpgrp.3cget foreground process group ID
tcgetsid.3cget process group ID for session leader for controlling terminal
t_close.3nslclose a transport endpoint
t_connect.3nslestablish a connection with another transport user
tcopy.1copy a magnetic tape
tcp.7pInternet Transmission Control Protocol
TCP.7pSee tcp.7p
tcsendbreak.3csend a ``break'' for a specific duration
tcsetattr.3cset the parameters associated with the terminal
tcsetpgrp.3cset foreground process group ID
tcx.7d24-bit SBus color memory frame buffer
tcxconfig.1mconfigure the default linearity of the 24-bit TrueColor Visual for OpenWindows on a system with an S24 frame buffer (TCX)
tdelete.3cSee tsearch.3c
td_event_addset.3thrSee td_ta_event_addr.3thr
td_event_delset.3thrSee td_ta_event_addr.3thr
td_event_emptyset.3thrSee td_ta_event_addr.3thr
td_event_fillset.3thrSee td_ta_event_addr.3thr
td_eventisempty.3thrSee td_ta_event_addr.3thr
td_eventismember.3thrSee td_ta_event_addr.3thr
td_init.3thrperforms initialization for libthread_db library of interfaces
td_log.3thrplaceholder for future logging functionality
td_sync_get_info.3throperations on a synchronization object in libthread_db
td_sync_get_stats.3thrSee td_sync_get_info.3thr
td_sync_setstate.3thrSee td_sync_get_info.3thr
td_sync_waiters.3thrSee td_sync_get_info.3thr
td_ta_clear_event.3thrSee td_ta_event_addr.3thr
td_ta_delete.3thrSee td_ta_new.3thr
td_ta_enable_stats.3thrcollect target process statistics for libthread_db
td_ta_event_addr.3thrthread events in libthread_db
td_ta_event_getmsg.3thrSee td_ta_event_addr.3thr
td_ta_get_nthreads.3thrgets the total number of threads in a process for libthread_db
td_ta_get_ph.3thrSee td_ta_new.3thr
td_ta_get_stats.3thrSee td_ta_enable_stats.3thr
td_ta_map_addr2sync.3thrget a synchronization object handle from a synchronization object's address
td_ta_map_id2thr.3thrconvert a thread id or LWP id to a thread handle
td_ta_map_lwp2thr.3thrSee td_ta_map_id2thr.3thr
td_ta_new.3thrallocate and deallocate process handles for libthread_db
td_ta_reset_stats.3thrSee td_ta_enable_stats.3thr
td_ta_setconcurrency.3thrset concurrency level for target process
td_ta_set_event.3thrSee td_ta_event_addr.3thr
td_ta_sync_iter.3thriterator functions on process handles from libthread_db
td_ta_sync_tracking_enable.3thrSee td_sync_get_info.3thr
td_ta_thr_iter.3thrSee td_ta_sync_iter.3thr
td_ta_tsd_iter.3thrSee td_ta_sync_iter.3thr
td_thr_clear_event.3thrSee td_ta_event_addr.3thr
td_thr_dbresume.3thrSee td_thr_dbsuspend.3thr
td_thr_dbsuspend.3thrsuspend and resume threads in libthread_db
td_thr_event_enable.3thrSee td_ta_event_addr.3thr
td_thr_event_getmsg.3thrSee td_ta_event_addr.3thr
td_thr_getfpregs.3thrSee td_thr_getgregs.3thr
td_thr_getgregs.3thrreading and writing thread registers in libthread_db
td_thr_get_info.3thrget thread information in libthread_db library of interfaces
td_thr_getxregs.3thrSee td_thr_getgregs.3thr
td_thr_getxregsize.3thrSee td_thr_getgregs.3thr
td_thr_lockowner.3thriterate over the set of locks owned by a thread
td_thr_set_event.3thrSee td_ta_event_addr.3thr
td_thr_setfpregs.3thrSee td_thr_getgregs.3thr
td_thr_setgregs.3thrSee td_thr_getgregs.3thr
td_thr_setprio.3thrset the priority of a thread
td_thr_setsigpending.3thrmanage thread signals for libthread_db
td_thr_setxregs.3thrSee td_thr_getgregs.3thr
td_thr_sigsetmask.3thrSee td_thr_setsigpending.3thr
td_thr_sleepinfo.3thrreturn the synchronization handle for the object on which a thread is blocked
td_thr_tsd.3thrget a thread's thread-specific data for libthread_db library of interfaces
td_thr_validate.3thrtest a thread handle for validity
tee.1replicate the standard output
tek.1bSee plot.1b
tek.1See tplot.1
telinit.1mSee init.1m
tell.3creturn a file offset for a file descriptor
telldir.3ccurrent location of a named directory stream
telnet.1user interface to a remote system using the TELNET protocol
telnetd.1mSee in.telnetd.1m
telnetrc.4file for telnet default options
tempnam.3cSee tmpnam.3c
term.4format of compiled term file
term.5conventional names for terminals
termattrs.3cursesSee curs_termattrs.3curses
termattrs.3xcursesget supported terminal video attributes
term_attrs.3xcursesSee termattrs.3xcurses
terminfo.4terminal and printer capability database
termio.7igeneral terminal interface
termios.3cgeneral terminal interface
termiox.7iextended general terminal interface
termname.3cursesSee curs_termattrs.3curses
termname.3xcursesreturn the value of the environmental variable TERM
t_errno.3nslXTI error return value
t_error.3nslproduce error message
test.1bcondition evaluation command
test.1fcondition evaluation command
test.1evaluate condition(s)
testb.9fcheck for an available buffer
textdomain.3cSee gettext.3c
tfind.3cSee tsearch.3c
t_free.3nslfree a library structure
tftp.1trivial file transfer program
tftpd.1mSee in.tftpd.1m
tgetent.3cursesSee curs_termcap.3curses
tgetent.3xcursesemulate the termcap database
tgetflag.3cursesSee curs_termcap.3curses
tgetflag.3xcursesSee tgetent.3xcurses
t_getinfo.3nslget protocol-specific service information
tgetnum.3cursesSee curs_termcap.3curses
tgetnum.3xcursesSee tgetent.3xcurses
t_getprotaddr.3nslget the protocol addresses
t_getstate.3nslget the current state
tgetstr.3cursesSee curs_termcap.3curses
tgetstr.3xcursesSee tgetent.3xcurses
tgoto.3cursesSee curs_termcap.3curses
tgoto.3xcursesSee tgetent.3xcurses
th_define.1mcreate fault injection test harness error specifications
th_manage.1mmanage the fault injection test harness
thr_continue.3thrSee thr_suspend.3thr
thr_create.3thrcreate a thread
threads.3thrconcepts related to POSIX pthreads and Solaris threads and the libpthread and libthread libraries
thr_exit.3thrterminate the calling thread
thr_getconcurrency.3thrget or set thread concurrency level
thr_getprio.3thraccess dynamic thread scheduling
thr_getspecific.3thrSee thr_keycreate.3thr
thr_join.3thrwait for thread termination
thr_keycreate.3thrthread-specific-data functions
thr_kill.3thrsend a signal to a thread
thr_main.3thridentify the main thread
thr_min_stack.3thrreturn the minimum-allowable size for a thread's stack
thr_self.3thrget calling thread's ID
thr_setconcurrency.3thrSee thr_getconcurrency.3thr
thr_setprio.3thrSee thr_getprio.3thr
thr_setspecific.3thrSee thr_keycreate.3thr
thr_sigsetmask.3thrchange or examine calling thread's signal mask
thr_stksegment.3thrget thread stack address and size
thr_suspend.3thrsuspend or continue thread execution
thr_yield.3thryield to another thread
tic.1mterminfo compiler
ticlts.7dloopback transport providers
ticots.7dSee ticlts.7d
ticotsord.7dSee ticlts.7d
tigetflag.3cursesSee curs_terminfo.3curses
tigetflag.3xcursesreturn the value of a terminfo capability
tigetnum.3cursesSee curs_terminfo.3curses
tigetnum.3xcursesSee tigetflag.3xcurses
tigetstr.3cursesSee curs_terminfo.3curses
tigetstr.3xcursesSee tigetflag.3xcurses
time.1time a simple command
time.2get time
time.3headtime types
timemanp.1See mailp.1
timeout.3cursesSee curs_inopts.3curses
timeout.3xcursesSee notimeout.3xcurses
timeout.9fexecute a function after a specified length of time
timer_create.3rtcreate a timer
timer_delete.3rtdelete a timer
timer_getoverrun.3rtSee timer_settime.3rt
timer_gettime.3rtSee timer_settime.3rt
timer_settime.3rtper-process timers
times.1shell built-in function to report time usages of the current shell
times.2get process and child process times
times.3ucbget process times
timesysp.1See mailp.1
timex.1time a command; report process data and system activity
timezone.4default timezone data base
TIMEZONE.4set default system time zone and locale
timod.7mTransport Interface cooperating STREAMS module
tip.1connect to remote system
tirdwr.7mTransport Interface read/write interface STREAMS module
t_listen.3nsllisten for a connection indication
t_look.3nsllook at the current event on a transport endpoint
tmpfile.3ccreate a temporary file
tmpfs.7fsmemory based file system
tmpnam.3ccreate a name for a temporary file
tmpnam_r.3cSee tmpnam.3c
tnamed.1mSee in.tnamed.1m
tnfctl_buffer_alloc.3tnfallocate or deallocate a buffer for trace data
tnfctl_buffer_dealloc.3tnfSee tnfctl_buffer_alloc.3tnf
tnfctl_check_libs.3tnfSee tnfctl_indirect_open.3tnf
tnfctl_close.3tnfclose a tnfctl handle
tnfctl_continue.3tnfSee tnfctl_pid_open.3tnf
tnfctl_exec_open.3tnfSee tnfctl_pid_open.3tnf
tnfctl_filter_list_add.3tnfSee tnfctl_trace_state_set.3tnf
tnfctl_filter_list_delete.3tnfSee tnfctl_trace_state_set.3tnf
tnfctl_filter_list_get.3tnfSee tnfctl_trace_state_set.3tnf
tnfctl_filter_state_set.3tnfSee tnfctl_trace_state_set.3tnf
tnfctl_indirect_open.3tnfcontrol probes of another process where caller provides /proc functionality
tnfctl_internal_open.3tnfcreate handle for internal process probe control
tnfctl_kernel_open.3tnfcreate handle for kernel probe control
tnfctl_pid_open.3tnfinterfaces for direct probe and process control for another process
tnfctl_probe_apply.3tnfiterate over probes
tnfctl_probe_apply_ids.3tnfSee tnfctl_probe_apply.3tnf
tnfctl_probe_connect.3tnfSee tnfctl_probe_state_get.3tnf
tnfctl_probe_disable.3tnfSee tnfctl_probe_state_get.3tnf
tnfctl_probe_disconnect_all.3tnfSee tnfctl_probe_state_get.3tnf
tnfctl_probe_enable.3tnfSee tnfctl_probe_state_get.3tnf
tnfctl_probe_state_get.3tnfinterfaces to query and to change the state of a probe
tnfctl_probe_trace.3tnfSee tnfctl_probe_state_get.3tnf
tnfctl_probe_untrace.3tnfSee tnfctl_probe_state_get.3tnf
tnfctl_register_funcs.3tnfregister callbacks for probe creation and destruction
tnfctl_strerror.3tnfmap a tnfctl error code to a string
tnfctl_trace_attrs_get.3tnfget the trace attributes from a tnfctl handle
tnfctl_trace_state_set.3tnfcontrol kernel tracing and process filtering
TNF_DECLARE_RECORD.3tnfTNF type extension interface for probes
tnfdump.1convert binary TNF file to ASCII
tnf_kernel_probes.4TNF kernel probes
TNF_PROBE_0.3tnfSee TNF_PROBE.3tnf
TNF_PROBE_1.3tnfSee TNF_PROBE.3tnf
TNF_PROBE_2.3tnfSee TNF_PROBE.3tnf
TNF_PROBE_3.3tnfSee TNF_PROBE.3tnf
TNF_PROBE.3tnfprobe insertion interface
TNF_PROBE_4.3tnfSee TNF_PROBE.3tnf
TNF_PROBE_5.3tnfSee TNF_PROBE.3tnf
tnf_process_disable.3tnfprobe control internal interface
tnf_process_enable.3tnfSee tnf_process_disable.3tnf
tnf_thread_disable.3tnfSee tnf_process_disable.3tnf
tnf_thread_enable.3tnfSee tnf_process_disable.3tnf
tnfxtract.1extract kernel probes output into a trace file
toascii.3ctranslate integer to a 7-bit ASCII character
_tolower.3ctransliterate upper-case characters to lower-case
tolower.3ctransliterate upper-case characters to lower-case
t_open.3nslestablish a transport endpoint
top_panel.3cursesSee panel_top.3curses
top_row.3cursesSee menu_item_current.3curses
t_optmgmt.3nslmanage options for a transport endpoint
touch.1bchange file access and modification times
touch.1change file access and modification times
touchline.3cursesSee curs_touch.3curses
touchline.3xcursesSee is_linetouched.3xcurses
touchlock.3mailSee maillock.3mail
touchwin.3cursesSee curs_touch.3curses
touchwin.3xcursesSee is_linetouched.3xcurses
_toupper.3ctransliterate lower-case characters to upper-case
toupper.3ctransliterate lower-case characters to upper-case
towctrans.3cwide-character mapping
towlower.3ctransliterate upper-case wide-character code to lower-case
towupper.3ctransliterate lower-case wide-character code to upper-case
tparm.3cursesSee curs_terminfo.3curses
tparm.3xcursesSee tigetflag.3xcurses
tpf.7dPlatform Specific Module (PSM) for Tricord Systems Enterprise Server Models ES3000, ES4000 and ES5000.
tplot.1graphics filters for various plotters
tput.1initialize a terminal or query terminfo database
tputs.3cursesSee curs_terminfo.3curses
tputs.3xcursesSee putp.3xcurses
tr.1btranslate characters
tr.1translate characters
traceroute.1mprint the route packets take to network host
tracing.3tnfoverview of tnf tracing system
tran_abort.9eabort a SCSI command
tran_bus_reset.9ereset a SCSI bus
tran_destroy_pkt.9eSee tran_init_pkt.9e
tran_dmafree.9eSCSI HBA DMA deallocation entry point
tran_getcap.9eget/set SCSI transport capability
tran_init_pkt.9eSCSI HBA packet preparation and deallocation
tran_quiesce.9equiesce and unquiesce a SCSI bus
tran_reset.9ereset a SCSI bus or target
tran_reset_notify.9erequest to notify SCSI target of bus reset
tran_setcap.9eSee tran_getcap.9e
tran_start.9erequest to transport a SCSI command
tran_sync_pkt.9eSCSI HBA memory synchronization entry point
tran_tgt_free.9erequest to free HBA resources allocated on behalf of a target
tran_tgt_init.9erequest to initialize HBA resources on behalf of a particular target
tran_tgt_probe.9erequest to probe SCSI bus for a particular target
tran_unquiesce.9eSee tran_quiesce.9e
trap.1shell built-in functions to respond to (hardware) signals
trapstat.1mreport trap statistics
t_rcv.3nslreceive data or expedited data sent over a connection
t_rcvconnect.3nslreceive the confirmation from a connection request
t_rcvdis.3nslretrieve information from disconnection
t_rcvrel.3nslacknowledge receipt of an orderly release indication
t_rcvreldata.3nslreceive an orderly release indication or confirmation containing user data
t_rcvudata.3nslreceive a data unit
t_rcvuderr.3nslreceive a unit data error indication
t_rcvv.3nslreceive data or expedited data sent over a connection and put the data into one or more non-contiguous buffers
t_rcvvudata.3nslreceive a data unit into one or more noncontiguous buffers
troff.1typeset or format documents
true.1provide truth values
truncate.3cset a file to a specified length
truss.1trace system calls and signals
ts_dptbl.4time-sharing dispatcher parameter table
tsearch.3cmanage binary search trees
tset.1bestablish or restore terminal characteristics
t_snd.3nslsend data or expedited data over a connection
t_snddis.3nslsend user-initiated disconnection request
t_sndrel.3nslinitiate an orderly release
t_sndreldata.3nslinitiate or respond to an orderly release with user data
t_sndudata.3nslsend a data unit
t_sndv.3nslsend data or expedited data, from one or more non-contiguous buffers, on a connection
t_sndvudata.3nslsend a data unit from one or more noncontiguous buffers
tsort.1topological sort
t_strerror.3nslproduce an error message string
t_sync.3nslsynchronize transport library
t_sysconf.3nslget configurable XTI variables
ttcompat.7mV7, 4BSD and XENIX STREAMS compatibility module
tty.1return user's terminal name
tty.7dcontrolling terminal interface
ttyadm.1mformat and output port monitor-specific information
ttydefs.4file contains terminal line settings information for ttymon
ttymon.1mport monitor for terminal ports
ttymux.7dSerial I/O multiplexing STREAMS device driver
ttyname.3cfind pathname of a terminal
ttyname_r.3cSee ttyname.3c
ttyslot.3cfind the slot of the current user in the user accounting database
ttysrch.4directory search list for ttyname
tun.7mtunneling STREAMS module
TUN.7mSee tun.7m
t_unbind.3nsldisable a transport endpoint
tunefs.1mtune up an existing file system
tune.high.4See asetmasters.4
tune.low.4See asetmasters.4 asetmasters.4
tuple.9scard information structure (CIS) access structure
turnacct.1mSee acctsh.1m
twalk.3cSee tsearch.3c
type.1write a description of command type
typeahead.3cursesSee curs_inopts.3curses
typeahead.3xcursescheck for type-ahead characters
types32.3headfixed-width data types
types.3headprimitive system data types
typeset.1shell built-in functions to set/get attributes and values for shell variables and functions
tzselect.1mselect a time zone
tzset.3cSee ctime.3c
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