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qband.9sSTREAMS queue flow control information structure
qbufcall.9fcall a function when a buffer becomes available
qeconvert.3cSee econvert.3c
qenable.9fenable a queue
qfconvert.3cSee econvert.3c
qfe.7dSUNW,qfe Quad Fast-Ethernet device driver
qgconvert.3cSee econvert.3c
qiflush.3cursesSee curs_inopts.3curses
qiflush.3xcursesSee noqiflush.3xcurses
qinit.9sSTREAMS queue processing procedures structure
qlc.7dISP2200 Family Fibre Channel host bus adapter driver
qop.4See mech.4
qprocsoff.9fSee qprocson.9f
qprocson.9fenable, disable put and service routines
qreply.9fsend a message on a stream in the reverse direction
qsize.9ffind the number of messages on a queue
qsort.3cquick sort
qtimeout.9fexecute a function after a specified length of time
quadruple_to_decimal.3cSee floating_to_decimal.3c
queclass.9sa STREAMS macro that returns the queue message class definitions for a given message block
queue.9sSTREAMS queue structure
queuedefs.4queue description file for at, batch, and cron
qunbufcall.9fcancel a pending qbufcall request
quntimeout.9fcancel previous qtimeout function call
quot.1msummarize file system ownership
quota.1mdisplay a user's ufs file system disk quota and usage
quotacheck.1mufs file system quota consistency checker
quotactl.7imanipulate disk quotas
quotaoff.1mSee quotaon.1m
quotaon.1mturn ufs file system quotas on and off
qwait.9fSTREAMS wait routines
qwait_sig.9fSee qwait.9f
qwriter.9fasynchronous STREAMS perimeter upgrade
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