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Product Install Registry Library Functionswsreg_register(3WSREG)


 wsreg_register - register a component in the product install registry


cc [flag ...]  file ...-lwsreg [library ...] 
#include <wsreg.h>
int wsreg_register(Wsreg_component *comp);



The wsreg_register() function updates a component in the product install registry.

If comp is already in the product install registry, the call to wsreg_register() results in the currently registered component being updated. Otherwise, comp is added to the product install registry.

An instance is assigned to the component upon registration. Subsequent component updates retain the same component instance.

If comp has required components, each required component is updated to reflect the required component relationship.

If comp has child components, each child component that does not already have a parent is updated to reflect specified component as its parent.



Upon successful completion, a non-zero value is returned. If the component could not be updated in the product install registry, 0 is returned.


 Example 1. Create and register a component.

The following example creates and registers a component.

#include <wsreg.h>

int main (int argc, char **argv)
    char *uuid = "d6cf2869-1dd1-11b2-9fcb-080020b69971";
         Wsreg_component *comp = NULL;
         /* Initialize the registry */
         wsreg_initialize(WSREG_INIT_NORMAL, NULL);
         /* Create the component */
         comp = wsreg_create_component(uuid);
         wsreg_set_unique_name(comp, "wsreg_example_1");
         wsreg_set_version(comp, "1.0");
         wsreg_add_display_name(comp, "en", "Example 1 component");
         wsreg_set_type(comp, WSREG_COMPONENT);
         wsreg_set_location(comp, "/usr/local/example1_component");

         /* Register the component */
         return 0;



A product's structure can be recorded in the product install registry by registering a component for each element and container in the product definition. The product and each of its features would be registered in the same way as a package that represents installed files.

Components should be registered only after they are successfully installed. If an entire product is being registered, the product should be registered after all components and features are installed and registered.

In order to register correctly, the component must be given a uuid, unique name, version, display name, and a location. The location assgined to product structure components should generally be the location in which the user chose to install the product.



See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:




wsreg_get(3WSREG), wsreg_initialize(3WSREG), wsreg_create_component(3WSREG), wsreg_ unregister(3wsreg), attributes(5)

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