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Standard C Library Functionsftime(3C)


 ftime - get date and time


#include <sys/timeb.h>
int ftime(struct timeb *tp);



The ftime() function sets the time and millitm members of the timeb structure pointed to by tp. The structure is defined in <sys/timeb.h> and contains the following members:

time_t           time;
unsigned short   millitm;
short            timezone;
short            dstflag;

The time and millitm members contain the seconds and milliseconds portions, respectively, of the current time in seconds since 00:00:00 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), January 1, 1970.

The timezone member contains the local time zone. The dstflag member contains a flag that, if non-zero, indicates that Daylight Saving time applies locally during the appropriate part of the year.

The contents of the timezone and dstflag members of tp after a call to ftime() are unspecified.



Upon successful completion, the ftime() function returns 0. Otherwise -1 is returned.



No errors are defined.



For portability to implementations conforming to earlier versions of this document, time(2) is preferred over this function.

The millisecond value usually has a granularity greater than one due to the resolution of the system clock. Depending on any granularity (particularly a granularity of one) renders code non-portable.



date(1), time(2), ctime(3C), gettimeofday(3C), timezone(4)

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