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Linker and Libraries Guide

  1.  Introduction to the Solaris Linkers
  2.  Link-Editor
  3.  Runtime Linker
  4.  Shared Objects
Naming Conventions
Recording a Shared Object Name
Shared Objects With Dependencies
Dependency Ordering
Shared Objects as Filters
Generating a Standard Filter
Generating an Auxiliary Filter
Filtee Processing
Performance Considerations
Analyzing Files
Underlying System
Lazy Loading of Dynamic Dependencies
Position-Independent Code
Maximizing Shareability
Minimizing Paging Activity
Using -Bsymbolic
Profiling Shared Objects
  5.  Application Binary Interfaces and Versioning
  6.  Support Interfaces
  7.  Object File Format
  8.  Mapfile Option
  A.  Link-Editor Quick Reference
  B.  Versioning Quick Reference
  C.  Establishing Dependencies with Dynamic String Tokens
  D.  New Linker and Libraries Features and Updates