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Linker and Libraries Guide

  1.  Introduction to the Solaris Linkers
  2.  Link-Editor
  3.  Runtime Linker
Shared Object Dependencies
Locating Shared Object Dependencies
Directories Searched by the Runtime Linker
Configuring the Default Search Paths
Dynamic String Tokens
Relocation Processing
Symbol Lookup
When Relocations Are Performed
Relocation Errors
Loading Additional Objects
Lazy Loading of Dynamic Dependencies
Initialization and Termination Routines
Runtime Linking Programming Interface
Loading Additional Objects
Relocation Processing
Obtaining New Symbols
Feature Checking
Debugging Aids
Debugging Library
Debugger Module
  4.  Shared Objects
  5.  Application Binary Interfaces and Versioning
  6.  Support Interfaces
  7.  Object File Format
  8.  Mapfile Option
  A.  Link-Editor Quick Reference
  B.  Versioning Quick Reference
  C.  Establishing Dependencies with Dynamic String Tokens
  D.  New Linker and Libraries Features and Updates