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Linker and Libraries Guide

  1.  Introduction to the Solaris Linkers
  2.  Link-Editor
Invoking the Link-Editor
Direct Invocation
Using a Compiler Driver
Specifying the Link-Editor Options
Input File Processing
Archive Processing
Shared Object Processing
Linking With Additional Libraries
Initialization and Termination Sections
Symbol Processing
Symbol Resolution
Undefined Symbols
Tentative Symbol Order Within the Output File
Defining Additional Symbols
Reducing Symbol Scope
External Bindings
Generating the Output File
Relocation Processing
Displacement Relocations
Debugging Aids
  3.  Runtime Linker
  4.  Shared Objects
  5.  Application Binary Interfaces and Versioning
  6.  Support Interfaces
  7.  Object File Format
  8.  Mapfile Option
  A.  Link-Editor Quick Reference
  B.  Versioning Quick Reference
  C.  Establishing Dependencies with Dynamic String Tokens
  D.  New Linker and Libraries Features and Updates