[rancid] Re: Howto use backup files ??

Andrea arussos at comune.modena.it
Thu Jan 7 12:48:18 UTC 2010

Steve Teti ha scritto:
> Andrea wrote:
>> I make this test: i compare the file rancid backed-up with the one 
>> generated by the download link ( i.e. a page in my browser showing 
>> the config file as it should be seen ...);
>> RESULT: the two files differs but apparently the contents are the 
>> same ( i mean looking with VI both of them ).
>> So i suppose that some strange characters ( not visible as ASCII ??? 
>> ) are  added by the browser, if only i noticed that saving the same 
>> file  by  right -click  on the download link  and selecting  "save as 
>> " gives  no problem  on the generated file....
> Hi Andrea,
> If the two files "look" the same, how do you know that they are 
> different?  File size, md5sum, diff?  There's many reasons the binary 
> contents could be different - extra non-printing characters, different 
> line endings, extra line breaks at the end of the file.  As long as 
> the text contents are the same, I wouldn't worry about it.
> At this point, this is more of a a "viewvc" question than a "rancid" 
> question, so you may want to ask your question on a viewvc forum.
> Steve
Hi Steve,

the two files have different size; i also think that it's a "viewvc" 
question rather than a rancid one, but i was wondering if any-one of you 
have encountered such a problem.

Thanks again,


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