[rancid] Re: Howto use backup files ??

Ryan West rwest at zyedge.com
Tue Jan 5 13:17:19 UTC 2010


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> Hi all, i'm using rancid integrated with our network and system
> monitoring solution ( i.e. OpenNMS ) .... really awesome tool !!!
> Now i'm wondering which is the correct way to use the files in case of
> a
> recovery of some net-appliance after an important failure; say, as an
> example, you have to substitute a router with a new one ( same hardware
> and firmware, obviously ).
> I ask 'cause using viewvc, when i navigate through the cvsroot page to
> one of the configs directory, i see ( for each revision file ) only
> three links:
>  -) view
>  -) annotate
>  -) select for diffs
> ..Is there the possibility to have a "download" link in order to see in
> the browser page the selected file only ???

If you're talking about a Cisco router / switch / firewall, you can go directly to the file structure under {prefix}/var/{name}/configs and you should see the config there.  You can paste the entire file into the device as the !'s are treated as comment lines.  I haven't used viewvc before, but the view option would seem the correct choice.  I've recompiled my RANCID using SVN and use the websvn frontend to view my diffs and download config's using it for customer requests and system failures.



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