[rancid] Re: Howto use backup files ??

Steve Teti steti at monmouth.com
Tue Jan 5 13:27:03 UTC 2010

Andrea wrote:
> I ask 'cause using viewvc, when i navigate through the cvsroot page to 
> one of the configs directory, i see ( for each revision file ) only 
> three links:
>  -) view
>  -) annotate
>  -) select for diffs
> ..Is there the possibility to have a "download" link in order to see in 
> the browser page the selected file only ???

Take a look at the allowed_views option in viewvc.conf.  Adding "co" to 
the list of views should add a "download" link to your viewvc pages.

> ...I also know that after that i have to parse the file 'cause i need a 
> file "purged" from the non-rilevant part ( such as hardware and firmware 
> part )..

I believe the non-relevant parts are prepended with a "!", which should 
allow you to paste or TFTP the entire file into a Cisco router with no 
ill effects.  Also, if you have FILTER_PWDS enabled in rancid.conf (I 
believe it's enabled by default), all your passwords will have been 
stripped out of the stored config files.  Make sure you have the 
relevant passwords stored elsewhere to replace into the config file.


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