[rancid] Howto use backup files ??

Andrea arussos at comune.modena.it
Tue Jan 5 10:27:11 UTC 2010

Hi all, i'm using rancid integrated with our network and system 
monitoring solution ( i.e. OpenNMS ) .... really awesome tool !!!

Now i'm wondering which is the correct way to use the files in case of a 
recovery of some net-appliance after an important failure; say, as an 
example, you have to substitute a router with a new one ( same hardware 
and firmware, obviously ).

I ask 'cause using viewvc, when i navigate through the cvsroot page to 
one of the configs directory, i see ( for each revision file ) only 
three links:
 -) view
 -) annotate
 -) select for diffs

..Is there the possibility to have a "download" link in order to see in 
the browser page the selected file only ???

...I also know that after that i have to parse the file 'cause i need a 
file "purged" from the non-rilevant part ( such as hardware and firmware 
part )..

..Any one have faced such a problem ??

Thanks in advance,


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