[rancid] Re: Adding version tags into CVS/config files

Burton Windle bwindle at fint.org
Mon Sep 25 21:00:28 UTC 2006

On Mon, 25 Sep 2006, Lance Vermilion wrote:

> Hey all,
> I have seen the question "What version of (rancid/clogin/etc) am I 
> running?" come up a few different times. I know that each script has its 
> own version etc. It would be nice to have something like what is below 
> add at the top of each config. This would make it extremely clear what 
> was used to collect the configs and what versions are being used.

Speaking from experience as one of those people who has recently asked 
that same question...

I checked the rancid script for a -v, -V, or --version argument first, 
then went searching the text of the script for a (non-CVS) version. I 
never thought of checking the CVS repo for the RANCID version; having an 
argument to the program (or in this case, the script) and have it spit out 
the version would be, IMHO, very handy (and more in-line with other Unixy 
apps, so more likey to be stumbled upon by the typical admin).

Having to dig in the CVS repo is, I would think, unlikey to get found 
without some handholding, be it FAQ or list.

Burton Windle                           bwindle at fint.org

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