[rancid] Adding version tags into CVS/config files

Lance Vermilion rancid at gheek.net
Mon Sep 25 18:26:47 UTC 2006

Hey all,

I have seen the question "What version of (rancid/clogin/etc) am I running?" come up a few different times. I know that each script has its own version etc. It would be nice to have something like what is below add at the top of each config. This would make it extremely clear what was used to collect the configs and what versions are being used.

!RANCID-SCRIPT-TYPE: [rancid-fe (v 1.37)]
!RANCID-SCRIPT-TYPE: [rancid-run (v 1.32)]
!RANCID-SCRIPT-TYPE: [par (v 1.11)]
!RANCID-SCRIPT-TYPE: [clogin (v 1.94)]
!RANCID-SCRIPT-TYPE: [cat5rancid (v 1.45)]
!Chassis type: WS-C6509 - a WS-C6509 switch
!Memory: dram 262144K
!Memory: nvram 512K
!Memory: flash 32768K

What does everyone thing about this?


-Lance <lance at gheek.net>

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