how use an edited version of cat5rancid

Terry Kennedy terry at
Thu Oct 16 19:42:02 UTC 2003

> I never remember which ciscos are best done with type 'cisco'
> (rancid) or type 'cat5' (cat5rancid).  I usually use rancid 1st,
> and if that fails, then use cat5rancid.  [See bin/rancid-fe for the
> bit that goes from type to program.]

  If it runs IOS, use "cisco". If it runs CatOS, use "cat5". I
probably should have put a check in cat5rancid to see if the target
device was running IOS and return a "you're using the wrong device
type" error, but cat5rancid was originally a hack for my own use only.

  A switch running in hybrid mode should be treated like a C5K with an
attached RSM - separate router.db entries, one of type "cat5" for the
switch and one of type "cisco" for the router. Native mode switches
only need a single "cisco" entry for the whole switch/router combo.

  Similarly, any module that you get to with the "session" command is
running a private copy of IOS and should be configured as a separate
entry in router.db of type "cisco".

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