[tac_plus] regular expression for IP address

Floyd, Devin dkfloyd at OneCommunications.com
Thu Jan 27 17:43:25 UTC 2011




I have Shrubbery TACACS+ F4.0.4.15 running on a Linux server.  I am
trying to setup an ACL for a group of users but am having trouble
getting it to work.  Your website says that the IP addresses need to be
encoded in the config file using Regular Expressions, but I'm not having
any luck with getting it to work.



allow access to IP


Following the rules for regular expressions, I'm thinking the IP should
be encoded as:

10\.151\.6\.1   or even   ^10\.151\.6\.1$

But neither work.




acl = ACL-test {

            permit = 10\.151\.6\.1

            deny = .*





What should the regular expression be to allow that IP address?  If I
can get that one figured out, I can finish adding the rest of the IPs.


Thanks for the help,


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