[rancid] Random white space when fetching configuration from MRV devices / why not switching off paging?

Christian Rohmann crohmann at netcologne.de
Tue Apr 26 09:20:38 UTC 2016

On 04/20/2016 11:19 AM, Christian Rohmann wrote:
> I am using RANCID 3.4.1 to fetch configuration off of MRV devices of models:
>  OptiSwitch 904
>  OptiSwitch 906G
>  OptiSwitch 912C
>  OptiSwitch 940

I simply had a typo in my change to disable the paging and it seems to
work just fine now, no more noise with indentation and quicker fetching
of configuration.

I put my changes regarding MRV devices into the two attached patches
against RANCID 3.4.1 which folks with MRV devices here might want to
test with their equipment:

 1) patch_mrvlogin_disable_paging_3_4_1.patch

This actually disables the paging with MRV Optiswitch devices and also
fixes the indentation issues that sometimes causes some lines have some
white space in front of them.

 2) patch_mrv_noise_3_4_1.patch

This filters a few more noisy lines from the "show version" like the
ever changing fan status or currently logged in users.


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