[rancid] f5rancid.in how to ? (TMSH on BigIP)

tom gilmore tommy.f.gilmore at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 17:05:00 UTC 2014

I have been trying to get f5rancid to collect configs from our BigIP boxes. 
They are running BigIP version 11.0
I have download several f5rancid.in patches,, but none of them seem to work.
the most common error that I see is "command' not found when I attempt to 
run ./f5rancidin -d x.x.x.x
I can see the @commandtable has the correct list of commands that can 
collect information from me ,, but I cannot get the script to work.

for example,, I downloaded this patch found under gossemer threads

but when I run the script,, I get these errors
(essentially the first 50 lines of f5rancid.in are commented out,, so 
"command not found" is seen on line 51
 ./f5rancid -d
: command not found 
: command not found 
./f5rancid: line 51: use: command not found
: command not found: 
./f5rancid: line 52: syntax error near unexpected token `'dflV''
'/f5rancid: line 52: `getopts('dflV');

Line 51 says "use Getopt::Std;"
Line 52 -55 says 
if ($opt_V) {
    print "@PACKAGE@ @VERSION@\n";

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