[rancid] A little help modifing the cisco scrip

Lee ler762 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 17:55:50 UTC 2012

The quick-n-dirty fix would be to add it to clogin under
proc run_commands { prompt command } {

For example, I added a "term width 132" there to prevent spurious
diffs when running rancid from crontab & then from a terminal:

            send "terminal length 0\r"
                # -LR- wait for prompt then send term width
            expect {
               -re $prompt {}
               -re "\[\n\r]+"      { exp_continue }
            send "terminal width 132\r"                 ;# -LR-

Another option would be adding the command to
@commandtable = (
in rancid .. but you'd also have to add a routine to handle the command.


On 2/20/12, Richey <mylists at battleop.com> wrote:
> I am polling a large number of Adtran TA900 routers with Rancid.   Setting
> them up just like a cisco box for the most part does exactly what I need.
> The TA900 will spit console messages out during telnet/ssh sessions similar
> to how Cisco boxes will if you are consoled into them.   The problem is that
> this sometimes causes a router to end up with hundreds of revisions when the
> only thing that's different is that the router threw out a message which
> caused Rancid to think that it was a change.
> So I've been searching and I really can't find the correct Google phrase but
> what script would I modify so I can add the command "no events" so that it
> would turn off the console output for that session? I figured that if I can
> send that command before anything else then I won't see the console event
> which will keep Rancid from thinking it was a config change.
> Richey
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