[rancid] Re: Howto use backup files ??

Simon Leinen simon.leinen at switch.ch
Sun Jan 17 22:09:31 UTC 2010

Andrea  writes:
> I make this test: i compare the file rancid backed-up with the one 
> generated by the download link ( i.e. a page in my browser showing the 
> config file as it should be seen ...);
> RESULT: the two files differs but apparently the contents are the same ( 
> i mean looking with VI both of them ).

> So i suppose that some strange characters ( not visible as ASCII ??? ) 
> are  added by the browser, if only i noticed that saving the same file  
> by  right -click  on the download link  and selecting  "save as " gives  
> no problem  on the generated file....

Possibly different end-of-line conventions.  Some systems use LF (ASCII
10) to terminate lines, others CR+LF (ASCII 13 + ASCII 10), others CR.

> Some  hints on solving this ???

Dump the first parts of the files in hex using e.g. "od -x" and check
whether this can explain the differences.  Note that in hex, CR is 0d
and LF is 0a.

Good luck,

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