[rancid] Re: Howto use backup files ??

Andrea arussos at comune.modena.it
Thu Jan 7 11:02:52 UTC 2010

john heasley ha scritto:
> Tue, Jan 05, 2010 at 08:27:03AM -0500, Steve Teti:
>> Andrea wrote:
>>> I ask 'cause using viewvc, when i navigate through the cvsroot page to 
>>> one of the configs directory, i see ( for each revision file ) only 
>>> three links:
>>>  -) view
>>>  -) annotate
>>>  -) select for diffs
>>> ..Is there the possibility to have a "download" link in order to see in 
>>> the browser page the selected file only ???
>> Take a look at the allowed_views option in viewvc.conf.  Adding "co" to 
>> the list of views should add a "download" link to your viewvc pages.
>>> ...I also know that after that i have to parse the file 'cause i need a 
>>> file "purged" from the non-rilevant part ( such as hardware and firmware 
>>> part )..
>> I believe the non-relevant parts are prepended with a "!", which should 
>> allow you to paste or TFTP the entire file into a Cisco router with no 
>> ill effects.  Also, if you have FILTER_PWDS enabled in rancid.conf (I 
>> believe it's enabled by default), all your passwords will have been 
>> stripped out of the stored config files.  Make sure you have the 
>> relevant passwords stored elsewhere to replace into the config file.
> FILTER_PWDS is off (commented) by default.  caveat is that if you're
> using a linux pkg, they may have changed the default to "help" you.
>> Steve
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Hi all !!
First of all, thanks a lot for your quick answers !!

In effect, i modified the "viewvc.conf" file adding "co" to the 
"allowed_views" section.

Magically now i notice the "download" link on the GUI .....

But now i'm facing a strange ( almost to me :-( ) thing:

I make this test: i compare the file rancid backed-up with the one 
generated by the download link ( i.e. a page in my browser showing the 
config file as it should be seen ...);
RESULT: the two files differs but apparently the contents are the same ( 
i mean looking with VI both of them ).

So i suppose that some strange characters ( not visible as ASCII ??? ) 
are  added by the browser, if only i noticed that saving the same file  
by  right -click  on the download link  and selecting  "save as " gives  
no problem  on the generated file....

Some  hints on solving this ???
 It's not a big problem, i'm just curios of understanding it better ...


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