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Christopher DeRemer cderemer at phoebe.org
Wed Jan 13 18:06:29 UTC 2010

I am looking to do a similar setup as an old thread here: http://www.shrubbery.net/pipermail/rancid-discuss/2006-November/001861.html

I'm looking to add in "show cdp neighbors" as a part of our routine.  Background on my reasoning: I have a bunch of Cisco AP's that are all joined to a controller, but the issue is that the Event Logging from the controller is a bit no descript and way to verbose.  Instead I'd like to be notified if an AP "dies" by knowing that it's no longer seen in the particular switch's cdp neighbor list.

Anyway an Andrew suggested that I need to add a 'ShowCdpDetail' subroutine that will parse the output.  Unlike the original thread I don't want show cdp neighbor detail, just show cdp neighbor, which ends up looking like a simple table.

Can someone help me make a parsing sub-routine?  I have very very little experience in PHP/Shell scripting.

This would be greatly appreciated, as well as might be a great addition to RANCID for others!


Christopher DeRemer, CCENT
Network Administrator
Phoebe Services
484.619.2168 (Single # Reach)

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