[rancid] wrangling configs with RANCID (right for non-Cisco vendors?)

andrew.brennan+rancid at drexel.edu andrew.brennan+rancid at drexel.edu
Thu Aug 19 01:25:21 UTC 2010

As long as the devices have a CLI, you should be able to run scripts 
against them using Expect (and autoexpect).  Modify that script such that 
you have variables for IP and prompts, etc. and you can monitor most any 
product.  It won't be pretty, but it's doable.

On Wed, 18 Aug 2010, Rogelio wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 5:36 PM, Ryan West <rwest at zyedge.com> wrote:
> > A lot of non cisco devices are supported, what type of device are you trying to backup?
> D-Link and BelAir wireless devices are some of what we have to
> monitor.  Many more weird ones are on the Horizon.
> Does RANCID allow you to monitor devices that don't easily output
> their config?  (Some of these devices make you go into each directory
> and type out a command that gives the status, but not in a format that
> is copy/pastable)
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