[rancid] Backing Up Cisco ACE Modules

Brown IV, Bill (MFT) wbrown at qualcomm.com
Mon Nov 30 18:41:50 UTC 2009

Hello all,

I've been trying to backup the Cisco ACE but Rancid seems to time out during the connection.  I think it has to do with the pager.  On the ACE, every time I login the pager gets set back to its default.  Logging in and then setting 'term length 0' only works for the session.  After Rancid logs out, the pager gets reset.

Scenario: I can login to the device using clogin.  Issuing a 'show run' from there reveals that the pager is set, (noted by the --more-- prompt).  I set 'term length 0' and 'sho run' completes with no pager.  Logging out and then back in reveals that the pager is once again set.  Using the rancid script with -d, the last output is:

HIT COMMAND:<device>/Admin#show running-config
    In WriteTerm: <device>/Admin#show running-config
HIT COMMAND: <device>/Admin#write term
    In WriteTerm: <device>/Admin#write term
<device>: End of run not found
<device>: End of run not found

My assumption is that somehow Rancid is expecting the enable prompt but not getting it because of the pager.  I looked at the rancid script but I'm just not proficient enough to know where to hard code a 'term length 0' and I definitely don't want to change the behavior for other devices, (I don't want to "mess up").  Does anyone have a piece of code that will accomplish this?

If possible, if you have it, I would really like to backup all the contexts within the ACE as well.

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