[rancid] Help on Enterasys switches

Andrea arussos at comune.modena.it
Mon Nov 30 16:07:34 UTC 2009

Hi all, i'm successfully using rancid to store the configs of 4 Core 
L3-Switches of Enterasys ( ER16 ); now i'm trying to use rancid against 
other enterasys switches ( secire stack B2/B3 ).
Now, the command-line commands differs a bit from that on ER16; in  that 
case i believe rancid-run  use  the perl script  rivrancid in 
conjunction  with  the expect one named rivlogin to do it'wrork.

Now, as the switches have different cli commands i got an expect script 
with which i correctly mange to login to the switch; but when i run 
rancid-run the rancid log file says:

Trying to get all of the configs. missed cmd(s): system show hardware,system show 
version,system show active-config,system show uptime End of run not found

beeing the the IP address.

So, i suppose i need to modify the perl script rivrancid, is it right ??

Some one have ever use rancid with enterasys swithces and, if yes, could 
help me in pointing to the right direction in getting so far ??

I need to understand which is the way to use rancid also with others 
swithces like Allied Telesys ones...

Thanks a lot in advance,


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