[rancid] Re: ASA flapping diffs with "names" or "no names"

Shane Kavanagh shane.kavanagh at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 10:51:37 UTC 2009

This may be a bug in the ASA

CSCsz60119 Bug Details

*Traceroute makes configuration change from "no names" to "names" *    *

"no names" is changed to "names" by issuing traceroute commmand.


The state that "no names" is defined.


No workaround at this time
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2009/11/25 Shane Kavanagh <shane.kavanagh at gmail.com>

> All
> I am seeing similar which happed in the early hours of the morning, I am
> not seeing the reverse,
> If I connect to the device and do a show run I see "no names" in the
> running config but not in the start-up config.  The show run also tells me
> that my config has not been changed since 18th November, therefore I must
> conclude that this addition in the config did not get added by the CLI or
> Web interface but by other means.  I am starting to look at bug tracker on
> cisco.com for SNMP bugs.
> Do a "show version" from the enabled CLI
> this will tell you the last user to modify the config and the date and time
> when this was done
> "Configuration last modified by <XXX> at 10:38:56.343 UTC Wed Nov 18 2009"
> Check this with the time and date of the rancid config, I get rancid to
> pull configs every hour and I could pin point this to a one hour window
> between 6 and 7 am
> check your stat up config
> "show startup-config | include no names"
> Its not in my start up config.
> However on other ASA's I am see this and it flips several times a day
>   !BootFlash: Current BOOT variable = disk0:/asa804-k8.bin
>   !BootFlash: CONFIG_FILE variable =
>   !BootFlash: Current CONFIG_FILE variable =
>   !
> - !BootFlash: BOOT variable = disk0:/asa804-k8.bin
> + !BootFlash: BOOT variable =
>   !BootFlash: Current BOOT variable = disk0:/asa804-k8.bin
>   !BootFlash: CONFIG_FILE variable =
>   !BootFlash: Current CONFIG_FILE variable =
> 2009/11/25 Martin Barry <marty at supine.com>
> Just recently configured RANCID and am having isssues with an ASA. It
>> alternates between "names" output and "no names" output. Sample
>> snippets:
>> - names
>> + no names
>> -  ip address Internet-Transit standby
>> +  ip address standby
>> An hour later I get the reverse.
>> Any ideas?
>> OS: OpenSUSE 11.2
>> RANCID: 2.3.2
>> Expect:
>> cheers
>> Marty
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