[rancid] No successful runs - SSH AAA enabled devices

Michael K. Smith - Adhost mksmith at adhost.com
Tue Nov 10 17:35:53 UTC 2009

Hello Everyone:

FreeBSD 6.4
TCL 8.6

Any device that is ssh-enabled (version 2) using AAA authentication (so
no secondary enable pass required) is failing.

.cloginrc info (sanitized)
add user        hostname.tld.com    rancid
add password    hostname.tld.com    p\@ssword (note the escape of the @)
add autoenable  hostname.tld.com    1
add method      hostname.tld.com    ssh
add cyphertype  hostname.tld.com    3des

clogin -d hostname.tld.com -> Successful

Log Output:
- Routers (GSR's)
hostname.tld.com: missed cmd(s): show rsp chassis-info,show module,write
term,show running-config
hostname.tld.com: End of run not found
- Switches (mix of 3560's and 4006's)
hostname.tld.com: missed cmd(s): write term,show running-config
hostname.tld.com: End of run not found

I've confirmed via clogin that the commands above, particularly the
write term and sho running are working correctly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Michael K. Smith - CISSP, GISP
Adhost Internet LLC mksmith at adhost.com
w: +1 (206) 404-9500 f: +1 (206) 404-9050
PGP: B49A DDF5 8611 27F3  08B9 84BB E61E 38C0 (Key ID: 0x9A96777D)

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