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That would be a fantastic feature.  However, it is not possible to
capture that specific information in most cases.  In my network, for
example, I run rancid every 15 minutes to capture changes.  All it does
is capture what changed.  There is no specific mechanism to see who made
the changes.  That capability varies by vendor, operating system, and
hardware platform.  In other words, my Cisco 3845 can give me that
information, but only with certain IOS versions.  My Cisco 2950 cannot
give me that information at all.  Juniper routers can roll back
committed configuration changes and have very detailed logging, but may
not be able to easily tell you who did it.   A Cisco 6509 may or may not
report who made changes, depending on IOS version.


In short, too many variables.


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Hi all,

I installed Rancid in combination with FreeBSD CVSWeb on a Debian
server. Everything is working, great!

There is only one thing I want to know: is it possible to show who made
the changes in telnet? At this moment the webpage is telling me that the
unix user (who runned Rancid) has made the changes. For example, I have
more telnet accounts. One for Paul and one for Peter. If Paul made one
change, and Peter made two changes, I want that the webpage is telling
me exactly who made a change.  

Any hints or keywords would be really appreciated. Thanks!


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