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Hi Ryan,

How have you defined Froundry login detail in .cloginrc?

Mine does not work.

Here is what I have in the .cloginrc file:

add user       n08w              ranciduser
add password   n08w              password
add enauser    n08w              ranciduser
add password   n08w              password 
add method     n08w              ssh   telnet

In the logs it says flogin : TIMEOUT? Can anyone assist here.

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I have just set up rancid for the first time and I am having problems
getting it to successfully pull configs from a Foundry device over SSH.
This same device works properly over telnet but I get the following when
switching to SSH.

starting: Mon Jan 5 12:22:23 CST 2009

Trying to get all of the configs.
x.x.x.x: missed cmd(s): show chassis,show module,show flash,write term
x.x.x.x: End of run not found

Running bin/flogin x.x.x.x works just fine and I'm able to run commands,
but when run from the script it simply doesn't work. The device is an
MLX running 3.9.00a code.

Any ideas?


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