[rancid] following problem

hina hina at hina.fr
Thu Sep 18 12:30:43 UTC 2008

Hi guys, the configuration you gave to me, is working perfectly..
I can login with a user
and without enable it, try to start the backup ..
BUt ....  (of course, there is a "but" )
My network administrator gave us a user (toto) who has the right (level 1/15) to do "show run" and "show start".
so I try, by clogin to test it .. 
look by yourself :

$ clogin 10.0.10.XX
scape character is '^]'.

User Access Verification

Username: toto
Sw_CCR_1>show start
 Using 3319 out of 32768 bytes
line con 0
 exec-timeout 0 0
line vty 0 4
 password XXXXXXXX
 login XOXO 
line vty 5 15
 password XXXXXXXX
 login XIXI

Sw_CCR_1>show run  
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 13 bytes

The show run doesnt show any thing.. The show start is working.
What is missing ?  Which else binary are use during the show run. Can you help me again ? 
Many thx

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