[rancid] clogin CSS patch

Kristian Larsson kristian at spritelink.net
Wed Oct 8 19:35:42 UTC 2008


We've been keeping a copy of RANCID with a few
local modifications done here at Tele2 for a while
now and I thought it'd be time to commit them back

First off and very simple is a change to clogin
which takes care of another annoying question on
the Cisco CSS.

--- clogin	2008-10-08 20:46:31.121000000 +0200
+++ /home/staff/kll/p/nils/tools/clogin	2008-10-08 21:27:30.996000000 +0200
@@ -687,7 +629,8 @@
 						  send "n\r"
-	"Configuration changes have occurred.*"	{ # Cisco CSS
+	-re "(Profile|Configuration) changes have occurred\."	{
+						  # Cisco CSS
 						  send "n\r"

Also available at http://people.tele2.net/~kll/clogin-css.patch

I'll be going through the rest of the differences
and will probably post a few patches within the
coming days.

Kind regards,

Kristian Larsson                                        KLL-RIPE
Network Engineer / Internet Core        Tele2 / SWIPnet [AS1257]
+46 704 910401			              kll at spritelink.net

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