[rancid] Re: code posting idea

Buchan Milne bgmilne at staff.telkomsa.net
Tue Nov 4 06:36:06 UTC 2008

On Monday 03 November 2008 19:43:28 Chris Gauthier wrote:
> Here is one option for posting snippets of code that might help some
> people, especially if the lines are longer:

Is there really a need to post code snippets?

If there is, and if upstream development has stalled (I don't follow this list 
that closely, but I can't see any evidence of development), wouldn't it make 
more sense to start a project on sourceforge, and import the released versions 
into CVS or subversion. Fixes could be made in the selected VCS (commit mails 
are possible), and patches could be posted on the tracker.

Code snippets really should not be the method end users should need to use to 
maintain the software (it's even worse than the Qmail situation with patches 
on patches on patches), regardless of the tool used to track them.


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