[rancid] Re: rancid don't create configurations files

Joachim Jerberg Jensen joaje at dongenergy.dk
Thu Dec 18 15:24:20 UTC 2008

>On Wednesday, December 10, 2008 9:03 PM, Arne Larsen wrote:
>Hi all

Hi Arne,

>Can someone help me out.

Have you solved your problem yet?

>i've install rancid on a Centos5, and configured it as I belive it should, but I don't get any configurations into the file structure.
>If I run .cloginrc -c " sh run " and pipe it into a file I get the configuration of the router.
>If I run rancid-run, and at the same time do a tcpdump then I can see the connect to the router from rancid and  also a lot off packets being transferred from the router to rancid.
>But I never get a list of configurations files.
>I don't get a log file in /var/log either.

Rancid should generate a logfile in like /usr/local/var/rancid/logs depending on where you have installed rancid.
In these logs, you should see some kind of an error. The logfile is named "thegroup.date.time"


Joachim Jerberg Jensen

>What can I be missing here. I run rancid-run as rancid user.
>Here is the extensions of the created file.: -rw-r----- 1 rancid rancid    0 Dec 10 20:49 testsw1

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