[rancid] Re: Exclude interface state changes

Lance rancid at gheek.net
Wed Sep 5 18:17:53 UTC 2007


Are you sure you are talking about interface state? Interface state is
not tracked in the IOS. Interface state on the CatOS is tracked in the
config.txt but not IOS. I have been running RANCID for many years and
have not seen this. Please show me what you are talking about.


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> Subject: [rancid]  Exclude interface state changes
> From: "Laura Ball" <laurab at sccu.com>
> Date: Wed, September 05, 2007 7:22 am
> To: <rancid-discuss at shrubbery.net>
> Currently our config-fetcher is reporting all interface state changes on
> our Cisco routers running IOS. I would like to know how I can exclude
> this information from being sent.<hr>_______________________________________________
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