[rancid] Re: Rancid on HP Procurve 4000's

Ed Ravin eravin at panix.com
Wed Jan 3 21:31:19 UTC 2007

On Wed, Jan 03, 2007 at 01:04:46PM -0800, Karl Vollmer wrote:
> I just recently setup RANCID to do backups of all of our HP switches [...]
> Anyway, almost all of our Switches worked perfectly, however the 
> Procurve 4000's all failed. In goggling/reading the archives I found a 
> reference that stated the failure is caused by the fact that they 
> instantly go to the menu, however there was no stated solution (This was 
> a conversation from 2003). Has anyone delt with the Procurve 4000's + 
> RANCID and if so is there a solution?

Yes, I released patches back in July 2005.  It's in use at several
places, including my shop.  Unfortunately, the patches have not yet been
integrated into the RANCID distribution.

Installation instructions and tarball attached.  Please let me know
if they work for you.

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	-- Ed

Installation instructions for HP4000m/8000m/2424m support in RANCID

1) Install these two Perl modules from CPAN onto your RANCID host:

The Expect module requires the IO::TTY and maybe one more, I forget,
check the docs when you download it, or let the CPAN scripts handle it.

2) Untar the attached archive into your rancid directory.  Be sure to
preserve the directory structure for the Rancid/ subdirectory:

  rancid-fe (replaces an existing RANCID script, the rest are new)

3) Add these lines to your rancid.conf:

  # Where to find the rancid Perl modules
  export PERLLIB

Except instead of "/usr/local/libexec/rancid", use the path of your RANCID

4) You'll need to modify line 1 of hp4000m.rancid, hp4000m.clogin, and
rancid-fe to point to your Perl interpreter.

5) You'll also need to modify line 1 of cloginrc2pl.exp to point to your
Expect interpreter.

6) Before adding an hp4000m device to routers.db, you should be able to run
these tests successfully:

  $ . /etc/rancid.conf  # read in PERLLIB env var
  $ ./hp4000m.clogin -c 'show modules' myhp4000

  Procurve# show modules
    Slot    Module Type                 Module Description
    ----  ---------------  ---------------------------------------------
    A     10/100TX         HP J4111A 8-port 10/100Base-TX module
    B     10/100TX         HP J4111A 8-port 10/100Base-TX module
    C     10/100TX         HP J4111A 8-port 10/100Base-TX module
    D                      Slot Available
    E                      Slot Available
    F                      Slot Available
    G                      Slot Available
    H                      Slot Available
    I     10/100TX         HP J4111A 8-port 10/100Base-TX module
    J     10/100TX         HP J4111A 8-port 10/100Base-TX module

  Procurve# exit

  $ ./hp4000m.rancid myhp4000
   head -10 myhp4000.new
   ;RANCID-CONTENT-TYPE: hp-procurve-hp4000m
   ;Chassis type: J4121A
   ;Serial Number: SG12345678
   ;Base MAC Addr: 0001e7-000102
   ;Memory: 7,350,656
   ;Image: Firmware C.09.22
   ;Image: ROM C.06.01

The hp4000m.login script can use S/Key logins if the "otphelper" script
is in the $PATH.  "otphelper" can be pulled out of the S/Key patches
that were submitted to the RANCID list on December 7, 2005.

hp4000m.login is written in Perl rather than Expect, so it needs the
Expect.pm and IO-Tty modules from CPAN.
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