[rancid] Netscaler support

Andy Litzinger alitzinger at visto.com
Wed Jan 3 21:19:40 UTC 2007

On Tue Dec 5th, John A Kilpatrick wrote:

> Just out of curiosity has anyone got rancid working with version 6.1
> later of the Netscaler software?  I'm having a similar problem to
> in that it just hangs - not seeing the prompt it wants I guess.
> I'm wondering what previous versions of the software were like - if it

> dumped you into the FreeBSD shell (and that's what rancid is looking
> then sending the command "shell" after login would fix that.  But if 
> anyone has any other ideas I'd love to hear them.
> Thanks,
> John
I just got rancid working with Netscaler 6.1 build 96.  The previous
nslogin and nsrancid scripts were coded for direct login to the BSD
shell.  In 6.1 Netscaler got rid of the ability to log directly into the
shell.  6.1 also contains a new feature that allows a non-privileged CLI
user to be defined.  Further, you can restrict what commands this user
is allowed to run.  For example, it is now possible to create a user who
can login to the CLI and only issue the "show ns ns.conf" command which
is enough for rancid.  I've adjusted the scripts to rely on a CLI user
that has access to the CLI "sh ns ns.conf" command.
I'm not sure the best way to submit this code.  I'm not a programmer by
nature so I'm sure I've broken all kinds of conventions, but I have
tried to comment what I changed.  In general there were not many changes
to make, mostly some prompt issues and I cleaned out some unused and
previously commented code bit.  The changes are NOT compatible with the
NS 5.2 release so I'm not sure the scripts should even be put in the
main branch.  For now, I'm happy to email my copies to anyone that might
find them useful.
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