[rancid] sorting of lists

Yuval Ben-Ari yuvalba at netvision.net.il
Mon Mar 20 19:49:05 UTC 2006


We just upgraded to 2.3.1 after several years of using 2.2.2
It made me run again into an old problem that I fixed by patching the
2.2.2 and I think I already discussed here in the past.

By default rancid will do all kind of sorting for various lists on the
config like: access-lists, prefix-lists, route-maps and few more
In prefix-lists it will also remove the sequence numbers.

I find this behaviour to be undesired because if someone uses rancid
repository as routers config backup it would probably be wise that the
stored config will be as loyal to the origin and with no changes.

Also sometimes the sequence does have meaning like:
ip prefix-list FOO seq 10 deny x.x.x.x
ip prefix-list FOO seq 20 deny y.y.y.y
ip prefix-list FOO seq 1000 permit le 32

this prefix-list used to deny stuff with default permit as seq 1000
the default rancid behaviour will break this and make it:
ip prefix-list FOO deny x.x.x.x
ip prefix-list FOO deny y.y.y.y
ip prefix-list FOO permit le 32

I understand the motivation to sorting was to prevent config oscilation
due to list entry reordering.
However, I did not witnessed such changes, and I think recent IOS will
sort stuff on it's own.

For now, I simply comment all the sorting done in bin/rancid in sub
It would be great to have this as a configureable parameter in

What do you think ?

-- Yuval


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