[rancid] Re: Retrieving cisco configuration using SNMP+TFTP

Chris Moody cmoody at qualcomm.com
Wed Jun 28 22:52:39 UTC 2006

> If not, would it make more sense to add SNMP+TFTP as a rancid module,
> or to add support in rancid to call pancho to retrieve Cisco
> configurations?

This should be pretty trivial to implement.  clogin has the capability 
to run external command scripts (CSS boxes behave differently though). 
'Write net' (or whatever variation necessary) should be relatively easy 
to implement (however, we all know that IOS CLI is a bit of a bugger 
sometimes for scripts).  I'm currently using the clogin capabilities to 
run loads of other commands...dump the output to a collector host...and 
then munging the data w. perl to actually do something useful with it.

I'm actually about to tackle this exact task (rancid CVS -and- tftp 
repository).  While this may seem redundant, I have some engineers that 
prefer having a tftp source available for config uploads.  I need to 
have the CVS change repository, but also have a readily available (and 
simple) source for staff to be able to do uploads when devices die.

First steps are to build a device discovery mechanism to auto-maintain 
my list of nodes (additions/removals, etc).  This way I don't have to 
enslave myself with maintaining the setup on a day to day basis (and 
other scripts, etc).

I'm probably going to end up leveraging both projects (or mushing them 
together).  I'll let you in on my progress as I get further along if 
you're interested.


p.s. Great work Michael.  Sharp addition. :o)

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