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Stafford A. Rau srau at
Tue Feb 7 17:32:34 UTC 2006

* Kanagaraj Krishna <kanagaraj at> [060206 23:28]:
> Hi,
>     I'm currently using RANCID to do configuration backups. As anyone
>     used it to capture BGP related info on Cisco and Juniper?
>     Basically "sh ip bgp summary" on Cisco and "sh bgp summary" on
>     Juniper. The purpose is to monitor BGP session changes with peers.
>     It would be helpful if any examples are available. Thanks.

I use the clogin (jlogin for $J devices) program from RANCID in a lot of
quick little perl scripts. I find it a better solution than using
Net::Telnet::Cisco, as that library doesn't support ssh while clogin

Something like so:

foreach my $router (@bgp_speakers) {
        open CLOGIN,
                "/usr/local/rancid2/bin/clogin -c \"show ip bgp sum\" $router|"
                        or die "Can't open CLOGIN: $!";

        while (<CLOGIN>) {


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