manage auto-enabled/radius devices and not-auto-enabled devices at once

Alex Zheng azheng at
Tue Sep 23 00:21:10 UTC 2003


We have about 100+ routers which is authenticated via Radius, auto-enabled.

in clogin, this is what modified:

# The default is to automatically enable
set enable 1
# The default is that you login non-enabled (tacacs can have you login 
already e

# MCOE set auto-enable 1 for routers
set autoenable 1

so in the .cloginrc:

add user routerIP  myuser
add password routerIP myRadiusPasswd

works great for router!

However, we have a bunch of switches not going through radius at all for 
verification (passwd stored locally),  in .cloginrc

add user switchip  myuser
add passwd switchip vtypass enablepass

This won't work with clogin I modified.

Any suggestions?



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