Prompt issues on Bay routers.

stefmit stefmit at
Wed Sep 17 19:23:12 UTC 2003

On Wednesday 17 September 2003 01:39 pm, john heasley wrote:
This came the closest:) - my mistake for not being clear about the end of the 

> box# exit
> bcc> exit
> [foo]$ exit
         ^^^^^ it is actually "logout" ("exit" comes back with "unknown 
> unix_host%

One more note - at the [whatever]$ TI prompt, typing bcc takes a looong time 
(I've seen routers where it took upwards to 30-45 sec, and not link 
related!), before getting the "command" level bcc (i.e. bcc>), Typing then 
config is pretty fast, though (to get the "enable" level", i.e. box#).

Thx again for all your work,

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