Session 1 on a 2900

Stephen Miller steve at
Mon Oct 20 23:26:56 UTC 2003

of course it's doable...but the question is how far to dig into it.

if you just need to start gathering the daughter card configs right 
away...then you can copy and modify a login and rancid scripts to just log 
into the daughter cards on each device. You would need to create a new group 
for them....but since there can be more than one daughter card per would need to make the rancid script iterate through all the 
daughter cards on the device...this would be a bit more complex.

if you want the full blown, gather all the card configs and put them under 
each device...keeping with standard CVS structure...then this would take much 
more effort than the one above. Here would be issues with password of the 
daughter card in cloginrc, checking the total number of cards in the device, 
etc...this could be another sub within rancid..

just throwing this out see what other options there are. Modifying 
a login and rancid script to just gather the configs from a daughter card 
should be pretty straight-forward. But trying to iterate through more than one 
card on the device...not sure...would have to take a closer look at rancid 
since that is where it should be done at.

sorry not more help...just talking out loud ;-)


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> On Mon, 20 Oct 2003, Andrew Fort wrote:
> > Sid Jones wrote:
> > > Has anybody already done anything to connect to [for example] an ATM
> > > daughter card in 2900 and scrape the config of that off as well as the
> > > runnig config on the base switch?
> >
> > Not that I'm aware of.  If it's just a show command, it's easy to add,
> > otherwise there's a bit more work.  If you like, can you show us what
> > the exchange to get that config looks like (from global exec mode on the
> > main switch IOS) (and also, what the 'hostname' line of your switch is)?
> switch>enable
> Password:
> switch#session 1
> Entering Console for module in slot 1
> Type  "^G" to end this session
> Press RETURN to get started!
> switch.ATM>en
> switch.ATM#
> switch.ATM#exit
> Disconnecting from slot 1
> Connection Duration: 00:01:36
> switch#
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