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FIN #: I0683-1

SYNOPSIS: Heat sink fall off problem on Sunfire CPU & I/O boards

DATE: Jun/14/01

KEYWORDS: Heat sink fall off problem on Sunfire CPU & I/O boards

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                            FIELD INFORMATION NOTICE
                  (For Authorized Distribution by SunService)

SYNOPSIS: Service procedures for detached heat sinks on Sunfire (EXX00)
          CPU and I/O boards.

SunAlert:           No

PRODUCT_REFERENCE:  Clip-on Heat Sinks on I/O boards  
PRODUCT CATEGORY:   Server / Service 


Mkt_ID     Platform   Model     Description               Serial Number
------     --------   -----     -----------               -------------
Systems Affected
  -        E3000       ALL      Ultra Enterprise 3000           -
  -        E3500       ALL      Ultra Enterprise 3500           -
  -        E4000       ALL      Ultra Enterprise 4000           -
  -        E4500       ALL      Ultra Enterprise 4500           -
  -        E5000       ALL      Ultra Enterprise 5000           -
  -        E6000       ALL      Ultra Enterprise 6000           -
  -        E5500       ALL      Ultra Enterprise 5500           -
  -        E6500       ALL      Ultra Enterprise 6500           -

X-Options Affected
X2602A       -          -       OPT INT CPU/MEM BD FOR EXX00    -
X2612A       -          -       OPT INT I/O BD EXX00 W/FC-AL    -
X2622A       -          -       OPT INT GRAPHICS I/O BD EXX00   -


Part Number       Description                         Model
-----------       -----------                         -----
501-4881-02       ASSY,I/O BD,PCI,SUNFIRE+              -
501-4882-01       ASSY, TSTD, CPU BD, SUNFIRE+          -
501-4883-03       ASSY,TSTD,IO BD,SOC+,SUNFIRE+         -
501-4884-03       ASSY,TSTD,IOG,SOC+,SUNFIRE+           -
501-4926-02       ASSY,PCI IO SNFR+ W/5V RISER          -


ECO:    WO_15381

LEAP:   1051

MANUAL: 805-2632-10: Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Systems Reference Manual.


The clip-on heat sinks found on older style Sunfire CPU and I/O boards
have been found to be unreliable.  These heat sinks may fall off due to
system vibration or other unknown causes.  This may lead to component
overheating or failure and can cause system downtime.  CPU boards and
I/O boards for Enterprise E3X00, E4X00, E5X00, and E6X00 systems are

These older style heat sinks, which sit on top of the power chips
located along the connector edge of the board, use metal clips to
attach the heat sink to the chip.  This design was found to be
unreliable and the clips would sometimes come loose due to fan
vibration, causing the heat sinks to detach from the chip.

The previous advice via FIN I0282-1 to Field Support was to repair
these heat sinks in the field by simply reattaching the heat sinks.
There was no better solution from Engineering at that time.  There is
now a new recommendation to replace the defective board with a
replacement board containing an improved heat sink design.

ECO WO_15381 was released in August of 1999 to add adhesive heat sinks
to system and I/O boards.  This new design prevents the heat sinks from
coming loose.

If loose or detached heat sinks are encountered in the field, the
affected board should be returned for repair through normal channels.
No attempt should be made to repair the problem on-site.

        |   |   MANDATORY (Fully Pro-Active)
        |   |   CONTROLLED PRO-ACTIVE (per Sun Geo Plan) 
        | X |   REACTIVE (As Required)


The following recommendation is provided as a guideline for authorized
Enterprise Services Field Representatives who may encounter the above 
mentioned problem.

NOTE: These procedures should only be followed when a CPU or I/O board
      has experienced a failure (heat sink has fallen off) and requires
      replacement.  This FIN does not recommend or authorize proactive
      replacement of these FRUs.

Follow these guidelines if this problem is encountered: 

. Any boards with heat sinks that have fallen off should not be repaired 
  in the field, as this is not an effective repair method.

. The affected system boards along with the heat sinks must be returned
  to the local Enterprise Services Logistics Depot as defected.

. Replace the defective board with a board which has the adhesive glue 
  on the heat sink per ECO WO_15381.  These current FRU's have the ECO
  implemented and should be used as replacement parts: 
       F501-4881-03	  ASSY,I/O BD,PCI,SUNFIRE+
       F501-4882-02	  FRU,ASSY,TSTD,CPU BD,SUNFIRE+ 
       F501-4883-04	  FRU,ASSY,IO BD,SOC+,SUNFIRE+
       F501-4884-04	  FRU,ASSY,IOG,SOC+,SUNFIRE+
       F501-4926-03       FRU,ASY,PCI IO SNFR+ W/5V RISER  
  Replacement procedures for these boards can be found in Chapters 3
  and 4 of the Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Systems Reference Manual.
  Please be aware of the board handling procedures relating to heat
  sinks which are described on pages 3-2 and 4-2.




Implementation Footnote:

i)   In case of MANDATORY FINs, Enterprise Services will attempt to    
     contact all affected customers to recommend implementation of 
     the FIN. 
ii)  For CONTROLLED PROACTIVE FINs, Enterprise Services mission critical    
     support teams will recommend implementation of the FIN  (to their  
     respective accounts), at the convenience of the customer. 

iii) For REACTIVE FINs, Enterprise Services will implement the FIN as the   
     need arises.
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