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Sun StorEdge[tm] A3500 Array


Front View

Front Controller View

Rear View

Rear Controller View

Information Areas
Quick Facts

Code Name

Model A3500 - 1 or more Controllers + 5 or more D1000s
A3500 Light - 1 Controller + 1 D1000
Serial Number Location A3x00 Controller - Back, center area.
A3x00 Rack - Back, center of the rack, near the top.
FCS Date June 1998
EOL Last Order: February 2001
Last Shipment: June 2001
EOSL June 2006
Minimum Supported
Solaris[tm] Operating Environment Versions
Warranty Hardware: 2 years
Software: 90 days
* - With required OS patches. Please see PatchPro[tm] for the required patches. Solaris 2.6 or later is required if using 18GB or 36GB 10000 RPM disks.
Note: Sun StorEdge RAID Manager 6.1.1 Update 1 or higher is also required


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