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SS1000 330-1651 None None
SC2000 330-1651 None None
Enterprise 150 None None 250-1328
Netra i 150 None None 250-1328
Netra nfs 150 None None 250-1328
U450 / UE450 250-1317 None 1 250-1317
E250 250-1317 None 2 250-1317
E220R / E420R / 280R 250-1317 None 250-1317
E3000 / E3500 330-2014 None 330-2014
E4000 / E5000 / E6000 330-2014 None None
E4500 / E5500 / E6500 330-2014 None None
Sun Fire V880 330-2014 None 330-2014
Sun Fire 3800/48x0/6800 330-2014 None 330-2014
A1000 None None 240-2690
D1000 None None 240-2690
A5000 None None 240-2690
StorEdge MultiPack None None 330-1966
StorEdge L20/L40/L60 None None No Part#
StorEdge L180 None None No Part#
StorEdge L400 None 330-1651 None
StorEdge L1000 None 330-1651 None
StorEdge L11000 None 330-1651 3 4 330-1651
A3500 No Part# None No Part#
56" and 68" Rack 330-2014 None None
72" Expansion Rack No Part# None No Part# 5
Sun Fire Cabinet 330-2014 None 330-2014
  1. Removal of the Ultra Enterprise 450 left or right side cover enables an Interlock switch and turns off DC power.
  2. Removal of the Enterprise 250 left side cover or RMA Tray enables an Interlock switch and turns off DC power.
  3. The rear doors of the L11000 have magnetic switches that notify the robotics controller when a door is open. The L11000 will continue to operate with the rear doors open. The doors must be closed for proper cooling.
  4. The L11000 front door interlock switches disable power to the motors when the doors are opened. Override the interlock switches with tool 6311754 and close the low velocity switches to operate the L11000 in low velocity mode with the front doors open.
  5. The front and rear keys are different. Neither key has a Sun part number.

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