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Application Packaging Developer's Guide

  1.  Designing a Package
  2.  Building a Package
  3.  Enhancing the Functionality of a Package
  4.  Verifying and Transferring a Package
  5.  Package Creation Case Studies
  6.  Advanced Package Creation Techniques
Specifying the Base Directory
The Administrative Defaults File
Using the BASEDIR Parameter
Using Parametric Base Directories
Managing the Base Directory
Accommodating Relocation
Walking Base Directories
Supporting Relocation in a Heterogeneous Environment
Traditional Approach
Beyond Tradition
Making Packages Installable Remotely
Example--Installing to a Client
Example--Installing to a Server or Standalone
Example--Mounting Shared File Systems
Patching Packages
The checkinstall Script
The preinstall Script
The Class Action Script
The postinstall Script
The patch_checkinstall Script
The patch_postinstall Script
Upgrading Packages
The request Script
The postinstall Script
Creating Class Archive Packages
Archive Package Directory Structure
clarch Utility
faspac Utility