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System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (DNS, NIS, and LDAP)

  Part I About Naming and Directory Services
  1.  Naming and Directory Services (Overview)
  2.  The Name Service Switch (Overview)
  Part II DNS Setup and Administration
  3.  Domain Name System (Overview)
  4.  Administering DNS (Tasks)
  5.  DNS Administration (Reference)
Implementing DNS
A Practical Example
Setting Up the Data Files
Resource Record Types
Setting Up Subdomains
Setting Up Subdomains--Same Zone
Setting Up Subdomains--Different Zones
The DNS Namespace Hierarchy
How DNS Affects Mail Delivery
DNS Configuration and Data Files
Names of DNS Data Files
The named.conf File
The File
The hosts File
The hosts.rev File
The named.local File
Data File Resource Record Format
Standard Resource Record Format
Special Resource Record Characters
Control Entries
Resource Record Types
  6.  DNS Troubleshooting (Reference)
  Part III NIS Setup and Administration
  7.  Network Information Service (NIS) (Overview)
  8.  Setting Up and Configuring NIS Service
  9.  Administering NIS (Tasks)
Password Files and Namespace Security
Administering NIS Users
Adding a New User to an NIS Domain
Setting User Passwords
Working With NIS Maps
Obtaining Map Information
Changing a Map's Master Server
Modifying Configuration Files
Modifying and Using the Makefile
Updating and Modifying Existing Maps
Updating Maps Supplied with the Default Set
Modifying Default Maps
Using makedbm to Modify a Non-Default Map
Creating New Maps from Text Files
Adding Entries to a File-Based Map
Creating Maps From Standard Input
Modifying Maps Made From Standard Input
Adding a Slave Server
How to Add a Slave Server
Using NIS With C2 Security
Changing a Machine's NIS Domain
How to Change a Machine's NIS Domain Name
Using NIS in Conjunction With DNS
Configuring Machine Name and Address Lookup Through NIS and DNS
Dealing with Mixed NIS Domains
Turning Off NIS Services
  10.  NIS Troubleshooting
  Part IV iPlanet Directory Server 5.1 Configuration
  11.  iPlanet Directory Server 5.1 Configuration
  Part V LDAP Naming Service Setup and Administration
  12.  Introduction to the LDAP Naming Service (Overview/Reference)
  13.  Basic Components and Concepts (Overview)
  14.  Planning for the LDAP Naming Service
Planning the Network Model
Planning the Directory Information Tree (DIT)
Multiple Directory Servers
Data Sharing With Other Applications
Choosing the Directory Suffix
Replica Servers
Planning the Security Model
Planning Client Profiles and Default Attribute Values
Planning the Data Population
  15.  iPlanet Directory Server 5.1 Setup (Tasks)
  16.  Client Setup (Task)
  17.  Troubleshooting
  18.  General Reference